Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bob Litwin - Sports Focus Institute

Welcome to the Interview Series of The Tennis Podcast ( I'm your host Kevin McClure, Director of Tennis at Sport Fit Bowie.

Today, I'll be interviewing Bob Litwin, the "focus coach" and originator of the Sports Focus Institute ( After starting competitive tennis late in life he became the #1 ranked 55 & over player in the world ITF ranking. He'll give some tips to those of us that struggle to raise our level.

Duration: 43min, 10sec

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Kevin Interviewed About Cardio Tennis

Kevin McClure was interviewed about Cardio Tennis by JC Hayward at WUSA Channel 9 in Washington, D.C.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dr. Patrick Cohn - Peak Performance

Welcome to our discussion with Dr. Patrick Cohn, a Sports Psychologist and Master Mental Coach from Peak Performance Sports. You can check out his website at

I'm your host, Kevin McClure, Director of Tennis at Sport Fit in Bowie, Maryland.

This show is sponsored by Tennis 2 U, a tennis and fitness proshop at

Duration: 42min, 0sec

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Cardio Tennis with Michele Krause

My name is Kevin McClure, Director of Tennis at Sport Fit in Bowie, Maryland.

This interview is with Michele Krause, National Program Manager for the USTA Cardio Tennis Program. Now that the program has been around for a few years, I thought we'd revisit the concept.

Our program sponsor is Tennis 2 U at, a tennis and fitness proshop.

Duration: 20min, 50sec

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Grips Program Interview

Today we introduce you to the developers of a must have program called the "Grips Program". Aaron Fox and Craig Cignarelli introduce themselves and the innovative testing program.

This program is sponsored by Tennis 2 U, the online tennis and fitness proshop at

For more information about the "Grips Program" go to
Duration: 35 min, 06 sec

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Interview: Aaress Lawless

Interview: Aaress Lawless

Welcome to The Tennis Podcast Interview Series. I’m your host, Kevin McClure, Director of Tennis at Sport Fit in Bowie, Maryland. Today’s guest is Aaress Lawless, the developer and editor of the “On the Baseline” blog at She started the site in 2005 and it has grown to be one of the top tennis blogs available.

Before we start, let me remind you that this show is sponsored by Tennis 2 U, the online tennis and fitness proshop at and this week I want everyone to enter that simple address into their browser and check it out. Tennis 2 U dot com.

Aaress discusses her tennis connection, the "On the Baseline" blog and an upcoming opportunity for readers to submit tennis questions that the pros will answer.

I'll be one of those answering questions, so check out her blog and submit a question!

Duration: 16min, 30sec


Monday, April 28, 2008

Sport Fit Tennis Kids Interviews

Sport Fit Tennis Kids Interviews

Interviews with a couple kids from my advanced program. They're 8+ years old and it's just a quick treat.

We've already introduced them to the idea of the media.


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Colette Lewis on Wimbledon Radio

This is an audio snippet from Wimbledon Radio.

Since Colette Lewis (of Inside Junior Tennis on The Tennis Podcast and was being interviewed about "new media", I included it here.

Peter Bodo (Tennis Magazine) was also being interviewed.

Unfortunately, comments made about The Tennis Podcast ended up on the cutting room floor :(

Duration: 6min, 49sec

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IJT Interview - Casey Angle

Inside Junior Tennis
with Kevin G. McClure ( and
Colette Lewis (

This show is sponsored by the online tennis shopping mall at

Go check out the great products and prices and support The Tennis Podcast at the same time!

May 10, 2007

Interview: Casey Angle, Director of Communications, ITA

Colette and I talked with Casey about the ongoing and upcoming NCAA tennis championships.

What is your background and how did you get involved with Intercollegiate tennis?

What is the atmosphere like at the championships at Athens?

Are the Georgia men one of the best teams of all time?

Are the Stanford women more vulnerable than in the past 3 years? Are Georgia women a threat?

If an American wins the NCAA, will he get a wild card into the US Open?

Why are there more top college women from the US than men?

What else is going on in the Division II/III/NAIA/NJCAA championships?

Tell us about the Summer Circuit.

NCAA Hall of Fame

Website of the week:

Duration: 33min, 56sec


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Interview - Ken Thomas

Interview - Ken Thomas

Today's interview on The Tennis Podcast is with Ken Thomas, CEO of Tennis Telecom and the voice of Radio Tennis at Radio Tennis is where you can listen to live streaming audio commentary and play-by-play of tennis matches.

This show is sponsored by Tennis 2 U, the online tennis and fitness store at

Duration: 24min, 20sec

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Interview - Tom Sweitzer

Interview - Tom Sweitzer

Discussion with Tom Sweitzer, USPTA Master Pro and President of Central Penn Tennis Services, about running special events and bringing in celebrities.

Duration: 50min, 14sec

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Interview - Tomaz Mencinger

Interview - Tomaz Mencinger

Tomaz Mencinger is a teaching professional and author of The Mental Manual and the Tennis Strategy Encyclopedia e-books.
Originally from Slovenia, I talked to him at his current location, an academy in Bangkok, Thailand.

Duration: 31min, 41sec

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Interview - Kevin G. McClure

Interview - Kevin G. McClure

Todd Scott of interviewed me recently about Footwork Patterns. He allowed me to post the interview on The Tennis Podcast also.

I'll be giving away the audio file for 12 Footwork Tips compiled from my shows for the 12 Days of Tennis Gifts Promotion. To participate in that, hurry to and enter to get TONS of goodies from me and other tennis gurus that have joined together for this promotion.

Duration: 28min, 29sec

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12 Footwork Tips

12 Footwork Tips
from The Tenns Podcast

Kevin G. McClure has given these 12 Footwork Tips to the participants in the 12 Days of Tennis Gifts Promotion with Todd Scott of

The Tennis Podcast has instruction, interviews, Inside Tennis with Kevin & "Koz" and Inside Junior Tennis.

Duration: 22min

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Interview - David Benjamin

Welcome to The Tennis Pod cast Interview Series.

Today I’ll be speaking with the David Benjamin, Executive Director for the InterCollegiate Tennis Association.

We will be discussing this organization and in particular, the College Tennis Advocacy Network.

Duration: 46min

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Interview - Greg Moran

Interview - Greg Moran

Welcome to The Tennis Podcast Interview Series.

Today we are speaking with Greg Moran, Director of Tennis at the Four Seasons Racquet Club in Connecticut and the author of a new book called Tennis Beyond Big Shots.

Duration: 31 min, 04 sec

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Interview - Warren Pretorius

Interview - Warren Pretorius, DartFish Software Regional Representative

Warren is a USPTA Master Professional and a Regional Rep for DartFish Software, a premier video analysis package that many tennis pros and camps, not to mention Olympic sports teams, use to improve their strokes and tactics.

Duration: 54 min, 17 sec

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Interview - Gary Adelman

Interview with Gary Adelman

Welcome to The Tennis Podcast Interview Series

Today we are speaking with Gary Adelman, a teaching pro from Western Massachusetts. He is a student of the Alexander Technique and applies it to his tennis instruction. This technique helps one to "release" tension, improve balance and explosiveness.

Duration: 22 min, 01 sec

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Interview - Janice Reardon

The Tennis Podcast Interview Series

Interview - Janice Reardon

This week we talk with the new Executive Director for the USTA Mid-Atlantic section, Janice Reardon

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Interview Lee Coulliard Tennis Pod Pro Videos

Brief interview with Lee Coulliard of the iPod Pro Video Podcast site.

Tennis videos delivered to you with tennis tips and fun clips.

We met at the Tennis Teachers Conference during the US Open in New York.

Check out his site on iTunes by searching for "tennis" under Podcasts!!

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Introductory Interview with Colette Lewis

Introductory Interview with Colette Lewis
August 21, 2006

Colette started by covering the Kalamazzo Junior Tennis tournament and now covers junior tennis as a specialty. Her website includes posts on the tournaments, players, parents and coaches. She will be helping The Tennis Podcast to bring you more junior coverage.

Welcome her to the team and also check out her blog at the address listed above. She can also be reached at

Duration:32 minutes, 27 seconds

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"Chat With Pat" Teleseminar - May 9, 2006

"Chat With Pat" Teleseminar - May 9, 2006

Pat Etcheberry, renowned fitness trainer for world-class athletes has
released a DVD video set ( that reveals
much of his training systems with tennis players. This affords us the
opportunity to discuss training for peak performance with Pat.

Discussion includes:

Pat's Background

Coordinating the Team

Customizing the Workout

Hidden Art of Hard Work

American Work Ethic

Personal Training vs. Self-Training or Group Training

Process of Warm-up and Recovery for Injury Prevention and Lactic Acid

Length of Workouts

Working-out With and Without Tennis Ball Contact

Importance of Sequences of Exercises

Upper vs. Lower Body

Exercising for Injury Prevention

Recommendations for Cramping

Quality vs. Quantitiy of Workout

Potential Reasons for Quick Loss of Energy

Using Lower Weights and More Multi-Muscle Exercises

Fitness Level of Tennis Players vs. Other Sports

Duration: 1hour, 10minutes

MP3 File

Interview - Julie Kaczmarek

Interview - Julie Kaczmarek, USTA Special Programs Manager in Virginia

Julie discusses the newly announced series of money tournaments in Virginia. There are 7 in the series of sanctioned 10k tournaments.

Duration: 10minutes, 16seconds

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Interview - Lisa Isenberg

Today I'm talking with one of the top rated tennis blogers on the internet, Lisa Isenberg. Thousands of tennis fans visit her site every week. She talks about blogging and how she got into it and also other tennis sites to check out.

Duration:25 minutes, 58 seconds

MP3 File

Interview - Brenden Sharp

Interview - Brenden Sharp, ITF Rating System

Brenden and I discuss the International Tennis Federation's ITN Tennis
Rating System, compare it to the USTA NTRP system and talk about how
the ITN ratings are assessed. Brenden resides in Melbourne,

You can go to for more info.

Duration:33 minutes, 41 seconds

MP3 File

Interview - Ellis Ferreira

Interview - Ellis Ferreira

Today we’ll be speaking with Ellis Ferreira, a former top ranked
touring pro originally from South Africa.

He now lives near Atlanta, Georgia and has successfully started a new
clothing line.

He has just returned from promoting his clothing line and the game of
tennis at the Nasdaq tournament in Key Biscayne, Florida.

Duration: 32 minutes, 53 seconds

MP3 File

Interview - Steve Emerson

Interview - Steve Emerson, Emerson Tennis - Server Wand

Today I'll be speaking with Steve Emerson, a teaching pro and
entrepreneur and his daughter Sydney, who has helped along the way.

Steve has developed a couple of teaching products under his company
name of Emerson Tennis.

He lives in Richmond, Virginia and we'll be discussing his main
product, the Server Wand, and his journey as he goes through the
process of product creation, marketing and distribution.

Duration:30 minutes, 36 seconds

MP3 File

Interview - Sandy Mittleman - 03/13/16

Interview - Sandy Mittleman - 03/13/16

During this interview Sandy outlines the history leading up to his development of a new DVD targeted toward kids and parents about preparing for the junior competitive circuit. Listen to him describe his experiences and the results of that experience.

Duration: 34 minutes 12 seconds

MP3 File

Interview - Bill Mountford - 03/09/06

Interview - Bill Mountford - 03/09/06

Today's interview is with Bill Mountford, Director of Tennis at the
National Tennis Center in Flushing, NY, location of the US OPEN.

He is also known from his answers to your questions in the "Ask Bill"
column on the website and in the USTA Newsletters.

We discuss his position, background, and teaching philosophy. We also
squeeze some tennis tips out of him before discussing upcoming events
at the National Tennis Center.

Duration: 30 min 09 sec

MP3 File

Interview - Tracy Austin - 03/07/06

Interview - Tracy Austin - 03/07/06

Welcome to the Tennis Podcast Interview Series

Today I’ll be speaking with a former number one player in the world.

She has the honor of being the youngest player to ever win a professional tournament and the youngest to win the US Open, undercutting the former record holder Maureen Connelly be a couple months. She has 25 National Junior titles to her name and 29 professional titles as well.

She’s well known for her mental fortitude, non-other than Tracy Austin.

Tracy is headed to the Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia area this weekend as the headliner for Cardio Tennis Clinics at East Potomac Tennis Center, Quince Orchard Swim & Tennis Club, and the Regency Sport & Health Club.

Duration: 19 minutes 03 seconds

MP3 File

Interview - Brenda Schultz - 02/28/06

Interview - Brenda Schultz - 02/28/05

Brenda Schultz is a former top 10 ranked player that has not been on
the tour for 6 years, until now! She was sidelined due to a back
injury, had surgery and after lots of hard work, is feeling good. She
has played two tournament and is hoping to get a wildcard into

Brenda also has a summer tennis camp in the mountainous areas of
southern Virginia. For information about Brenda and her camp, go to
Duration:13 minutes, 39 seconds

MP3 File

Edition Special Introduction - "The Koz" Dave Kozlowski

Edition Special Introduction -
"The Koz" Dave Kozlowski

Today’s interview is with The Koz, Dave Kozlowski. Koz was one of the
first 17 pros awarded the Master Pro Certification Level. Beyond just
being a great tennis pro, he was named the USTA Broadcaster of the
Year in 2000 and the Pro of the Year 3 times. 1978 in Alabama, 1997
in Florida and the National Pro of the Year in 2001. Koz currently
hosts and creates tennis television programming for The Tennis

I’d like to introduce him to you as our host for the new Inside Tennis
series! He’ll be keeping us up to date on the latest tennis players
and events.

Duration: 27 minutes

MP3 File

Edition 15 Interview - Louis Cayer

Edition 15 Interview - Louis Cayer

Needless to say, his background is too extensive to mention it all, however, he is currently the Head National Coach for Tennis Canada’s Junior Development Program, worked with the Canadian Davis Cup Team as a Coach or Captain for 12 years, has travelled and coached several top 100 ATP players, has produced 78 television magazines, worked as a television commentator and has spoken at International Tennis Federation events since 1987.

Duration: 42 minutes

MP3 File

Edition 14 - Dr. Jack Groppel

The Tennis Podcast Edition 14 Interview - Dr. Jack Groppel

Dr. Jack Groppel is an internationally recognized authority and pioneer in the science of human performance, and an expert in fitness and nutrition.

He talks about his background, the change of company name from LGE Performance to Human Performance Institute and the changing landscape in the modern game of tennis.

Duration:43 minutes, 45 seconds

MP3 File

Edition 13 Interview - Fred Viancos

The Tennis Podcast Edition 13 Interview - Fred Viancos

Fred Viancos - Director of Professional Development for United States
Professional Tennis Association (USPTA)

USPTA is the world's largest association of tennis-teaching

Viancos coordinates all education and professional development courses
and activites through the association's Career Development Program.

He talks to us about his background, his time with the ATP as Regional
Director of Latin America, the USPTA mission, professional development
opportunities and the changing technology. Also, there is a brief
discussion of a couple of the many partnerships and charity projects
that USPTA is involved.

Duration:44 minutes, 34 seconds

MP3 File

Edition 12 Interview - Zina Garrison

Today, I’m fortunate to be able to interview one of the great female players in the tennis world. She was ranked as high as four in the world and held a top twenty ranking for all 15 years of her career on the tour.

She was a Wimbledon finalist and an Olympic gold medal winner and has a resume to be envied. After retiring, she continued to play another 4 years on the Women’s Legends tour with the other great female players.

She continues her involvement with the Zina Garrison Foundation in Houston and has had too many other career highlights to mention.

A hearty welcome to Zina Garrison.

Duration:34 minutes, 12 seconds

MP3 File

Edition 11 Interview - Dr. Cliff Kurtzman

Dr. Cliff Kurtzman is a Houston-based entrepreneur that has been involved in the development of numerous ground-breaking ventures over the past fifteen years. Most tennis players would recognize him as the Editor and Chief of, one of the most frequently visited tennis sites on the internet.

Cliff’s expertise spans a broad spectrum as a recognized innovator in the areas of technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship. His experience has ranged from working as an astronautical engineer (yes, he really is a rocket scientist) to being one of the first to leverage the power of the Internet to build profitable branded communities with global impact.

MP3 File

Edition 10 Interview - Dr. Ray Brown

Today’s interview is with Dr. Ray Brown, designer of the Easi Tennis system. He is an esteemed academic researcher in the analysis of nonlinear systems, neuroscience and brain dynamics. However, he’s also a long time player, student and teacher of the game of tennis.

Dr. Brown has also been a guest editor for Mid-Atlantic Match Point for over six years where he has published over 30 articles on Tennis Coaching and Player Development. He’s also a regular contributor to, an excellent instructional site. One of his patents on chaos application has led to the development of a type tennis trainer.

His wife’s trauma while fighting a neural viral infection led to the use of tennis as a therapy and new concepts in tennis development.

MP3 File

Edition 9 Interview - Pat Etcheberry

This week's interview is with world-renowned fitness trainer, Pat Etcheberry.

For more than twenty years Pat Etcheberry has been giving athletes from around the world the winning edge in sports as diverse as tennis, golf, football, basketball, hockey, speed skating and even sumo

Perhaps most noted for his training successes in the sport of tennis, the list of Champions with an Etcheberry Experience reads like an International Who's Who of Tennis. Between 1985 and 2005, Pat's players have won more than 100 major championships, including 28 Australian Opens, 18 Wimbledon Tournaments, 22 US Opens, 22 French Opens, and 15 Olympic Medals.

Duration:21 minutes, 32 seconds

MP3 File

Edition 8 Interview - Ilana Kloss

This weeks interview is with Ilana Kloss, CEO and Commissioner of World Team Tennis (

Ilana originally started her relationship with WTT back in 1974 when she played for the San Francisco Golden Gaters. By 1985 she had taken on the role of player liason and within 2 years she was the WTT vice president. Eventually, she took over for billy jean king as the executive director and was named the CEO and Commisioner in 2001.

Ilana also serves on a number of tennis industry and charity boards.

Duration:16 minutes, 3 seconds

MP3 File

Edition 6 Interview - Jim Courier

This is a mocked-up interview between Kevin G. McClure and Jim Courier from an earlier Spring 2005 teleconference on World Team Tennis . Jim
discusses WTT and the differences with tour events and the format. Interview material provided by WTT.

Duration:3 minutes, 24 seconds

MP3 File

Edition 5 Interview - Jeff Williams

This week's interview is with Jeff Williams. Jeff's title is the Group Publisher of Tennis Magazine (it's his phone that rings when you call for a publisher!). He has worked for over 20 years in the industry and for 6 years at Tennis Magazine. He discusses the changes in the game of tennis, the demographics of the readership, and how themagazine layout has been changing.

Duration:13 minutes, 10 seconds

MP3 File

Edition 4 Interview - Jim Baugh

This week's interview is with Jim Baugh, president of the Tennis Industry Association. He discusses the tennis industry and increases in player participation and product sales.

As a part of my Tennis Industry section of the podcast I’d like to
familiarize everyone with a critical marketing force for the game of
tennis. He is the President of the Tennis Industry Association, a USTA Board Member, and a past President of Wilson Sporting Goods. Jim is in charge of fostering the alliances between the major forces in tennis. The USTA, the Teaching Professionals, and the Manufacturers. The TIA
is definently the major behind the scenes promoter of the game.

Duration:9 minutes, 58 seconds

MP3 File

Edition 3 Interview - Michele Krause

Today, I’d like to introduce Michele Krause, a tennis pro from Punta Gorda, on the west coast of Florida. In the wake of hurricane Wilma, she has conveniently just started a one month tour to promote Cardio Tennis and has evacuated to Chicago. She's the engine behind Cardio Tennis and the manager of the biggest public tennis promotion that I can remember since the first Play Tennis America campaigns.

Michele Krause, national manager of "Cardio Tennis", discusses her background and her tour across the country to promote this exciting new tennis program.

Duration:15 minutes, 32 seconds

MP3 File

Interview - Corey Clarke

Corey Clarke, displaced New Orleans Tennis Pro talks about his role
during the hurricane, his departure, the devastation and his current
Duration:23 minutes, 56 seconds

MP3 File

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